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Cihua Mazatl

Copal Filled Coyolxauhqui 1/13 LIMITED EDITION Signature Cihua Mazatl Necklace

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This listing is for an original numbered limited edition signature Tlaloc piece. Only 13 will be made before the design is retired. Each piece is numbered and ritualistically created. These are numbered and signed on the back. The practice of consecrating a sculture by filling it with precious Copal and stones is a practice that has been documented. In this same way I have filled each of these Coyolxauhqui heads with Copal Blanco. This sculpture is inspired by the ancient Coyolxauhqui head sculpture that can be found in the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. Coyolxauhqui is a fierce and beautiful Mexica moon goddess whose face is decorated with bells/coyoles. 

Each Coyolxauhqui measures approximately 1 inch in height and 1 inch in width. They hang on 19inch chains. Buckskin leather can be substituted.

Why will only 13 be made?

13 is a sacred number to the Mexica, as it represents an element in the lunar cycle and count. There are 13 veintenas (20 days) in the lunar count of 260 days. 

No. 1/13

This Coyolxauhqui  earrings are accented with beautiful watermelon tourmalines, honor our cycles of love and joy and as reminders to cultivate this luminous wisdom in our lives. These Coyolxauhquis been carefully and ritualistically sculpted and filled with Copal Blanco and prayers. They have then been immortalized with copper grown slowly over several days, then polished and finished with an earthy patina.  



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