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Cihua Mazatl

Daisy Orgone Pendulum| Pendolo| Mexican Pendulum|

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This listing is a for a hand-poured resin orgone pendulum made with loving intention. This pendulum is dedicated to connecting to ancestral energy. This pendulum is filled with Copal, Quartz, and flowers 

~~~~~What is it?~~~~~

A pendulum is a form of communicating
with your higher self to divine answers,
usually in the form of yes or no questions.

~~~~~How to use~~~~~

You hold the pendulum by the smaller end
with the bead and steady yourself.
Take a few deep breaths and connect to your higher self,
spirit guides, ancestors, or deity you’d like to connect to.
ask the pendulum to show you what a yes looks like,
pay attention to what direction it spins (Left, Right,
back and forth). Ask what a “no” looks like, and what
a “maybe” or “not meant to know” looks like.
The way it spins for you can be different
than the way it spins for someone else.
You may also use a Pendulum Board to divine answers.

~~~~~How they were made~~~~~

Each one of these pendulums was created with
sacred copal, herbs, symbols, and crystals with the
intention of love and guidance
for the highest good of all.
They were prayed over and blessed
with Sacred Copal in our ancestral



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