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Cihua Mazatl

Diosa Ixchel Power Necklace| Back to the Ancestors

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From the signature line "Back to the Ancestors" this power piece was created in 2017 as the first ofrenda to the ancestors that came to me in my dreams. I dreamt of rotten ofrendas, the temples of Teotihuacan,  and the Maya twins Xbalanque and HunahPu. The creation of this body of work has lead me on an unbelievable journey back to the motherland and the reclamation of my name and path. All of the jewelry in this line has been blessed at sacred sites, ceremony, and in danza over their 6 year pilgrimage. This body of work marks a beginning to the line of work I will be pursuing here onward.

 This necklace was elaborated using traditional jewelry smithing, etching, and electroforming to create. They feature the etched and hand-drawn image of the Maya water goddess Ixchel, patina'd with a beautiful teal oxidization and sealed. She has four garnet crystals encrusted in the four directions to symbolize the love that binds us and leads us outward. It is fully one piece, woven together with Sugar Amethyst Druzy, Bloodstone, and copper. This piece was beaded with Mexican Jade, Amber, and jasper.


This one of a kind necklace is a Power Piece, designed to help you flow like water, to fill your own cup and other's with love. You are taking home a piece of art, and a piece of my heart. Blessings.



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