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The Mountain Druidess

Mixtepec wrapped White Copal

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Copal is the intermediary of the heavens and earth, between the spiritual realm and the physical, between the dead and the living, it is the union between humans and creator/universe. It is the element that transports the essence of the divine.

Copal comes from the tree Bursera Bipinnata, in Nahuatl it is called Copalquahuitl meaning rain/tears from the copalli tree.

Copal has been used medicinally, spiritually and physically, for hundreds of generations in ancient Mexico and meso-america.

The beautiful aroma that is released from this sacred resin is associated with the divine offering and ritual prayers. Through the white smoke that is released, it is believed that your prayers reach the heavens. Copal is cleansing and purifying as it is believed that within the copal tree the essence of the cosmically divine resided. It is a sacred medicine that is to be burned with intention and gratitude.

This Copal is wrapped beautifully in hojas de maíz.
A small piece goes a long way.

This copal is sustainably harvested in a community outside of San Gabriel Mixtepec, Mexico.



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