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Cihua Mazatl

Oaxaca Green Sahumerio and Copal| Copalero| Popochcomitl | Popoxkomitl

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This listing is for a Sahumerio- incense burner- Fire Vessel measuring 6L x 6in W x 8 in H with an angel  accent.   These come from Oaxaca  

Each sahumerio comes with 1oz of Copal Blanco.  You also get 2 charcoal disks. Free Domestic (USA) shipping. 

The sahumerio is used as a vessel to burn incense of Copal
and other sacred plants using charcoal. Popoxcomitl is the name given to a specific type of sahumerio that has a long base and an open basin at the top.
Another type of Sahumerio is the Tlemaitl which features a long handle. This is the type featured above.

The Sahumerio is a traditional indigenous Mexican tool to contact the teotl/universe/creator.
The smoke from the sacred resin of the Copal tree burns white and is the intermediary between the heavens and the earth.
Through this smoke prayers are carried into the universe. Traditional use in the home was used by lighting in the mornings
and evenings in gratitude and to cleanse the home energetically.
Ceremonial usage of the sahumerio was also practiced by initiated individuals on the path of the Popochcomitl (Sahumadoras, Priests, Curanderxs).
Use of the sahumerio for personal ritual can be accessed by the uninitiated but it is with great respect that the uninitiated refrain from practicing ritual with the sahumerio for others in respect for our traditions. We must handle this part of our traditions responsively.
It is important that you form a relationship with your sahumerio as it becomes an extension of you and your prayers. It is for this reason that we must love and show respect always.

How to light:

Light using a charcoal disk for indoors, to light the disk use matches or lighter on the disk until it begins to spark and then place inside of the vessel. After a few minutes the disk should turn an ashy white color, when this occurs the disk is now ready to burn incense. Place a small pinch of loose incense or Copal onto the disk and set your intention. Smoke should rise from the vessel. Enjoy. To break apart copal you can use a small hammer.



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