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The Mountain Druidess

Red Jasper Ring | copper ring | electroformed jewelry | crystal ring

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-These gorgeous hand-made rings feature red jasper crystals on dainty copper bands.

Electroforming is an organic process that creates a coat of copper on items using an electric current. The process can last from anywhere between 24 to 36 hours. Because of it's organic nature, each piece created in this process is unique and has beautiful imperfections and textures. Along with the protection from the wax, you should not shower or submerge the jewelry in water. Because your jewelry is made of copper, it will age over time but can become shiny again with a nice polish. :)

All of the pieces offered at The Mountain Druidess are made with intention and feature fully charged crystals. To recharge your jewelry use the sun's and moon's rays because they are very energizing, as well as energetically clearing. You can use this method to both clear and charge your crystals at the same time. Find a safe place and leave your crystal for 24 hours or more (up to a week) in sunlight and/or moonlight.


--Red Jasper is an empowering stone that stimulates the root chakra. It has a grounding quality and can help focus your intention on healing traumas of survival and sexuality.  It can help empower your relationship with your own sensuality. This stone has a powerful flowing energy that can help unblock energy and overcoming abuses of power and to gain courage. 



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