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About Cihua Mazatl

My name is Cihua Mazatl, it means Mujer Venado, Deer Woman. It is a name that was given and planted in the hallowed grounds of Teotihuacan by the Tlamatini Doña Candé Pineda Xiuhpapalotl. The name given to me by my mother, Ana Lorena Sanchez, is Jessica Lorena, I was named in gratitude of kindness after a man named Jesse Rivera and my mother’s name whom she was named after my Abuelita’s soul sister. My names mean love, gentleness and kindness. In these names are my lessons, my weaknesses, and my strength. 

I am of earth, air, water, and fire. I am you and you are me. Ni tehuatz, ti nehuatl. 

I am a mirror, a messenger, a creator, a diviner, a traveler. I explore our humanity through the lens of ancient cosmology, philosophy, and mysticism to get to the root. I use the tool of art in all of it’s modalities to find the answers for myself and I share the results here. All of what I create is done with deep  detail, intention, and ritual. Art is medicine of the oldest kind, transcending all barriers. It is the most ancient language. What I share here are the antlers I grow and shed as medicine for any that should find it. 

Let me light this fire, add your coal, or take one of mine. We can say our prayers together over some Copalli. You are welcome in my medicine circle as long as you stay respectful. I go at my own pace, I am Empress of this that I have created. I will not and do not acquiesce to demands nor do I tolerate being approached without the dignity and respect I would give you. I will not hide nor dull my brightness even if it makes you uncomfortable. I’m also not here to argue with you on you on what is right and what is wrong. This isn’t out of a sense of superiority, on the contrary it is because I believe you shine equally as bright and validation is internal. Not only that but if you take in my medicine, I’ll hold up the mirror and show you what you see in me is also in you. I am not this way because I have not experienced struggle, I am like this because I’ve had a long intimate relationship with darkness and I’ve learned to see in the dark and found my way back to the light. All of this being said, I’m very human. Please don’t put me on a pedestal and negate my humanity. 

My goal here is to align with my sacred Tonalli and expand, share, and initiate new ways of being and reconnection to the earth and the cosmos. 

Find yourself at the waterfall