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Cihua Mazatl

Tlahtolli Oracle Divinations for Night and Day | Book

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Divinations for Night and Day

by Cihua Mazatl

6x9 inches| Hardcover | Bilingual-English & Spanish| 400 pages |
Beautiful Full-Color printed on 80lb Gloss Paper Stock

This bilingual oracle book transcends traditional divination, offering a philosophical approach that invites readers to explore existence through the lens of ancient wisdom, gleaned from the energies of the Tonalpohualli and Mexica Teotl.

With each page turned of the Tlahtolli Oracle, seekers will find not just answers, but a deeper understanding of themselves and their place within the cosmic dance.
This book is not just a divination tool; it's a work of art, a philosophical companion, and a key to unlocking the mysteries of the precious wisdom that surround us.

Written in honor of the sacred directions and the ancestors.

Este libro no es solo una herramienta de Oráculo; es una obra de arte, un compañero filosófico y una llave para desvelar los misterios de la valiosa sabiduría que nos rodea. Escrito en honor a las direcciones sagradas y a los sabios abuelos.

Official Release date July 7th, 2024

Available pre-order stock ships after May 25th, 2024.



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