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The Mountain Druidess

Itzpapalotl Goddess Art Print

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I wanted to honor the energy of the keeper of Tlamoanchan. I’ve made some ofrendas to her this year and I’ve learned so much from her. As a creative person I always find that there is sometimes a dance between life and death when you create. Not all ideas stay alive and some are never born. I read once that if you get one of those burning ideas and you do not execute them that they go and find someone else and somewhere else. That liminal space of creative energy is like Tamoanchan, it represents the creative potential of life. I see the fierceness of Itzpapalotl as the mystic protection of that energy.
Tamoanchan is the place where women and babies that have died in childbirth go, they go and are loved and kept company by each other. It’s so beautiful.
I wanted to explore that energy.


this glicee art print is printed on 8.5x11inch quality paper. 



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