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Cihua Mazatl

TONALAMATL Appointment | Tonalli Reading

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(Variations in spelling: Tonalama )

The Tonalamatl was a written and oral telling/reading of your birth energies/destiny.

The Tonalpohualli, the stone that tells the days or destinies, is divided into a twenty day count represented by signs. All of which has a specific set of characteristics and “destinies.” This count is also combined with a 13 day cycle called a trecena. Any specific day has a day sign and a trecena sign, as well as it’s own depiction of that cycle, it’s essence, and specific teotl that accompany each sign. Your birthday has specific signs. Our ancestors used this information to give you your first name which consisted of the day sign and numeral. This was referred to as the Tonalli, the first ray of light and essence to enter through the top of your head at the moment of birth. 


I will need the following information to complete the reading:
1. Date of Birth

2. Time of Birth

3. Location of birth (city and state)

The time of birth is pretty significant as it changes tonales every 15 minutes. That is the time of your first breath which tells a lot about you. If you can't provide the time it will default to midnight. Fill in necessary info at checkout. Tlazocamati. 



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